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What Went Wrong in Esse Essay

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What went wrong in “Esse”? What should have San done differently?
As a supervisor San seems to take correct actions theoretically when forming a team by defining specific jobs, explaining the benefits of team work and setting a commission system which depends on team performance. However he didn’t make them in the right way.
First of all, it is clear that the assignments of the employees were wrong:
- The drop-down in sales quantities after they started to work as a team shows that the task roles for Harata and Aban were misfitting to them and they are not good at sales at all. They were the only team members directly in contact with the customers to welcome them and explain the goods to sell but they couldn’t succeed. Since, sales quantity (and money in return) is a clear performance indicator, the stress of their poor performance made them to quit and find new jobs.
- On the other side because of long lines at the cashiers it is understood that Aarya and Najee are not fast enough at retrieving goods from stock and ringing up the sales.
San would have known his employees’ specialties before assigning their tasks. He should have pick best employee to each job well and explain the reasons of his choices clearly to them. It is obvious that Aarya and Najee are good at sales (they must had the main share at better sales numbers before) and they must be involved in sales or customer relations again. Harata and Aban would have handled supplementary tasks (carrying goods and receiving payments) which they perform better than the others. In this way there will be more time for Aarya and Najee to contact new customers and make more sales.
Alternatively, despite San didn’t know the employees well he would set a trial period and try them in each role with a rotation system and measure their performance objectively to see in which way he could get maximum efficiency from them.
For example, San could arrange review meetings to fulfill “storming” and “norming” phases...

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