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What Went Wrong? Essay

  • Submitted by: hugzxbmn
  • on November 7, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Many people in my life asked me this one question, “What went wrong?”. Everyone seems to think the reason that I went to Anasazi was that one certain event or one person turned my whole life into a mess. This is where they are wrong. It wasn't what went wrong or who did wrong to me, it is what did I, personally, do wrong. Which mistakes did I make and how did I let those effect me? Sadly the answer is I made a lot of mistakes and I let each one crush my heart and soul in their own individual ways.
Another question I have been asked, both while at anasazi and afterwards, is “How did you end up at Anasazi?”. I thought this question was rather simple actually. I ended up there because I was in need of help and quickly. I decided one day that I needed to leave home and instead of running away I told my parents. That was the first rash decision I had made in years. This decision, instead of leaving me hurt and alone like all my other decisions, earned me respect and I got the help I so direly needed. When I gave people this answer they told me that wasn't the answer they wanted. They wanted my whole life story laid out on a plate so that they could clearly see my mistakes and read me like an open book. Before anasazi I could have never done this. I was private and self-conscience and I didn't want anyone to know the real me. In fact I didn't really know who I was anymore.
After anasazi though, I no longer hid. I am open and will tell anyone who is willing to listen, my story and I think it's time I finally wrote it for all to see.
I, Kiya Osha, was born in the south of Texas where I lived until I was 6. I was the youngest of 5 children and I craved attention. Both of my parents worked and my siblings picked on me and fought with me a lot so I felt alone most of my childhood. The only times I didn't feel lonely were when I was with my babysitter Maggie. She was my mother. She cared for me and loved me, she hugged and kissed me, she spent all sunday morning...

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