What We Know About the Chief of One Flew Essay

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What we know about the chief: He pretends to be a mute and he used to play football. He talks a lot about his father whom he calls ‘Papa’. His father was a short guy, but chief always determines people’s strength by their personality rather than their physical strength and looks. For instance he says McMurphy is a big guy just like his father before he became short. This is strange as chief thinks of himself as short, while he is in fact really tall. How are they described? We learn about him as he describes everything around him by linking it to things he is already familiar with from his past. He hasn’t always been a mute and he talks a lot about his past. However he never talks how he became a mute. Role in Book He tells the story and the reader experiences the story from his point of view. Everything we know about other characters and activities like the group meeting is what Chief knows about them. In the book his daily activities are mainly sweeping the floor and keeping himself quiet and he tries not to attract attention. He is also one of the few main characters who isn’t in the mental institution for mental sickness voluntarily. He is in the institution for mental sickness and depression the longest, even since before the nurse. Role in Society He’s the quiet guy who has a strong opinion about issues, but he doesn’t do anything about to change them. He tries to avoid the government’s policies. For example in the book he’s hiding in the closet for
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