What Was Your Favorite Battle During The American Revolution

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Battle of Bunker Hill By: Morgan James On June 17, 1775 the sun was shining like any ordinary day, when a British force 1500 troops landed on Charleston Heights in Massachusetts. Their objective was a surprise attack on the American “rebels”. The Americans however the night before spent 12 hours building their main fortification on Breeds Hill, which lays at the foot of Bunker Hill to the north. After seeing this fortification British General Howe stated “the rebels had done more work in one night than his whole army could do in a month.” The British immediately fired cannons from the ships offshore. After a hand to hand, struggle the Americans were driven out. The Americans were estimated 450 troops killed and wounded, the British were…show more content…
During the American Revolution I would say my favorite battle was the Battle of Trenton. We out numbered the Hessians and British by a large sum, we were able to attack precisely and effortlessly. What promoted you to become the General of the Continental Army in 1775? I was a delegate in Virginia when the second continental congress was convened. The need for an American army was urgent, due to the battle in Massachusetts. I was chosen to command the continental army because I had experience from the French and Indian war, and I represented the old dominion. What was the reason you were willing to fight for American freedom, when you fought 7 long years in the French and Indian War for the British Empire? The British did not think much of the American colonists; and being an American I experienced the haughty British attitude during the French and Indian War. I was a land surveyor and I knew how to get around the valleys, woods plains and rivers, but being an American the British didn’t wasn’t to listen to what I had to offer them. Later, I got involved with the Virginia colonial politics and realized that Americans would be better off with out the British
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