What Was the Significance of the Eucharistic Congress to the Irish Free State 1932

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What was the significance of the Eucharistic congress to the Irish free state 1932? The Eucharistic congress 1932 was significant to the Irish Free State because of the role played by the church and the power they had. The Catholic Church had become powerful under British administration. People would depend on priests and the church since the church cared for the people who were not provided for by the state, by having religious orders in healthcare and education. In education especially the control of the church was used to influence future generations in its favour. Leaders of the church were sympathetic to nationalists if there was no violence involved in their movements but after the Anglo-Irish Treaty 1921, they were in favour of the free state. During the civil war they even would excommunicate republicans so when there was peace in 1923 bishops were confident to be highly influential in the new state especially since it was a mostly catholic population. In the 1920s many Free State citizens thought the granting of independence as a triumph for the long time suffering Irish catholic against the officially protestant British state. This strengthened the view of the catholic religion with Irish identity and with a widespread decline of the Irish language; many valued their catholic religion as one of their main signs of their Irish identity. Therefore the celebrating of the Eucharistic Congress was also showing and celebrating your Irish identity. De Valera came into power in 1932. This made the church worried as they had supported Cumann na nGaedheal. They had condemned de Valera and his followers during the civil war however Fianna Fail were strongly influenced by the church and bishops. De valera seeked acceptance as leader who had the approval of the church. This meant that the Eucharistic congress of 1932 would be significant as it was perfect for

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