What Was the Impact of the Tet Offensive on the Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War was a civil war fought between the communist north and the capitalist south. The USA got involved in this because they feared the spread of communism because of the domino theory. Domino theory is the idea that if one country was to fall to communism then the rest of the countries in the region. “The US leaders were very worried the Vietnam would be just the start of a chain of communist take-overs...This theory was called the Domino Theory”. China had already become communist and Vietnam seemed to follow. This put pressure on the American government to respond to the spread of communism. Public support of the Vietnam war up until 1968 was good. The Public had been told that they were winning the war by the president and the media supported this. The military reported large body counts on a weekly basis which helped to reinsure the public’s belief that the American’s were winning. Although these were mostly false because it was hard to tell who was part of the Vietcong and who wasn’t, this meant that the counts involved the civilians but people still believed that the counts were still true which meant that they. As well as this American government spent $293 million on public relations and advertisement to boost public on the Vietnam War. All of these factors helped to create a strong public image which meant that the majority of the general public supported their government. “A few weeks before Tet, only 28% of the American public labelled themselves “doves” Some people opposed the war even though they believed that the Americans were winning i.e. Pacifists, civil rights activists and certain religious groups. “On October 21, 1967, over 100,000 gathered on Washington Mall to protest” There were people who opposed the war before the tet offensive. In the lead up before Tet the war was in a stalemate with neither side looking like they would
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