What Was the Impact of Increased Media Coverage on the Crimean War?

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The Crimean War was the first war that had such a large amount of media coverage. The different types of media used to record the war were photographs, such as those taken by Roger Fenton, paintings, done by artists such as Oswald Walters Brierly, writings and poems, and news correspondences published in news papers such as The Times written by reporters such as William Russell. Many people back home in Britain wanted to see what their loved ones were experiencing and the increased level of media coverage allowed them to do so, sometimes with harrowing effects. Photography offered the best way in 1854 to show the families in Britain how life for their loved ones was. Initially discovered by Louis-Jacques Daguerre in France in 1829. Photography developed so fast after Daguerre's initial discovery that by 1840 photographic records were being left for future historians. Because publishing companies realised the huge demand for photographs of the war, they wanted the chance to sell albums full of photographs. Roger Fenton, who became the first official war photographer, jumped at an offer from Thomas Agnew & Sons of Manchester in 1855. Fenton was instructed not to record any of the horrors of war such as death or any fighting, technology, in any case, wouldn't have allowed him to. Because of the lack of technological advancements, Fenton couldn't photograph any fighting so he mainly stuck to taking photographs of soldiers and officers but primarily he took images of the war torn landscapes. Fenton and his two drunken assistants stayed in Balaclava from March 1855 until June 1855. in his time there, Fenton took around four hundred usable photographs which were exhibited in in London during the October of 1855, the photographs were then taken on tour throughout Britain. The exhibitions were then taken on tour throughout Britain. The exhibitions drew large crowds
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