What Was the Impact of French Rule in Italy

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Other Points * Money was used to fund military and 60% of tax was used for it * Conscription took place ..this was when Italian men were force to be part the army (not even to die for Italy but for France) * 1000 soldiers out of 27,000 came back from Russia * Vaccination for small pox and there was street lights The peasants * Made up between 80 and 90 % of Italians in the early 19th century continued to live a poor life * There was no improvement in the way they lived DISAVANTAGE AVANTAGE Occupations * Most peasants lived in the dark, damp poorly furnished cottages shared with their live stock for warmth at night. * Instead of starvation, men left forms went to the hills and became bandits * Young women moved to town to work, most found diseases such as typhoid, cholera etc from overcrowding 80 people in a house, no sewage system and no clean water * Many women abandoned babies to keep work. * Abandoned them at a founding hospital ( an infant abandoned by its mother and cared by others) Urban Groups * Substantial benefits 10% or increase who lived in town , lawyers, bankers, doctors and government officials were well off * New local government set up along French lines * Industry was encouraged France buy cheaper goods from Italy * Young men gained experiences of politics and government in there parliaments * Italian absorbed French ideals of liberty equality and fraternity * Code napoleon was set up to everyone they were laws The Church * Roman Catholic Church suffered severely. Its power greatly reduced. Two popes were imprisoned in France . * 1809 church temporal power declared to end. * Papal stated governed by French * However did not affect the popes spiritual authority, he remained head
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