What Was The Cause Of The Great Depression

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Many historians debate on the causes of the Great Depression. They debate on whether or not the Great depression is the worst economic depression in United States history. Not just one sole factor played part in this economic downfall, a combination of many things did. The most recognized explanation is the stock market crash of 1929. It contributed to one of the most important and influential wars in United States history, World War II. In the years leading up to the 1929 stock market crash stock prices were at an all-time high because of the rapid expansion of the stock market. After World War I the United States economic and cultural state was enhanced by the popularization of new technologies and industrialization. The 1920s saw great achievements and progress in production techniques, especially in industries such as the automobile. Production lines enabled economies and production to expand exponentially. Investors were doing anything to invest in the stock market. The rigging of stocks became so common that many people thought there was nothing wrong with the manipulation of stocks in way that would defraud the public. Eventually the stock market collapse was knocking on the United States door step but nobody expected that a full-fledged depression was to come about…show more content…
The New Deal was a promise President Hoover would make a series of programs implemented for the United States to try and recover from the economic disaster taking place. “That promise became a series of relief, recovery, and reform programs designed to provide assistance to the unemployed and poor, revive the economy, and change the financial system to prevent another depression.” 4 The main goal of the New deal was to create and revitalize. This deal comprised of many different acts such as The Reforestation Relief Act, The Federal Emergency Relief Act, The Agricultural Adjustment Act, and many

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