What Was The Auld Alliance

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Foreign policy test, history, Tudors What dates did Henry viii reign between? 1509-1547 What was the auld alliance? Alliance between Scotland and France What were Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of castile known for doing in spain? Unification of spain Why would spain want to ally with England? So they could join forces and take over france together Why was it important for England to have good relations with the Netherlands? For their wool trade Who took control of the Netherlands in 1519? Charles the 5th Who had a traditional claim of the Italian states? Maximillian What were henry viii foreign policy aims? Take over france, regain repect and glory and be the centre of European affairs Why was spain an obvious choice for henry viii to ally with?…show more content…
Reversal of alliances Who was the league of cognac made up of and what did it mean when henry joined it? France, Italian states and meant they were all against Charles the 5th What were the consequences of the sack of rome for henry viii? Charles took control of Italian land Why was the treaty of cambrai a big failure for henry viii? England not included, had no power Identify three failures of englands foreign policy decisions? Protesting not trading with Netherlands, left out of treaty, henry didn’t achieve his aims Name three positions/jobs roles wolsey had between 1510-1524 Bishop of Lincoln, advisor to king, lord chancellor How much money did wolsey raise from the parliamentary taxes in 1522? £200000 What evidence supports that the pope would have granted henry an annulment Granted Louis 12th annulment What factors made it difficult for henry viii to fulfil his ambitions? Not enough money or resources, unreliable allies How much did th3 first and second French war cost? 900000 and 400000 What does the term foreign policy actually mean? English relations with
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