What Type Of Teacher Am I Going To Be

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What Type of Teacher Am I going to be As a future early childhood educator, my goal is to teach the child the ability to solve problems and cope with life stressful events. It is important to note that children do not come with instructions. In life’s normal changes can have a significant impact on family. Helping children identify emotions and teaching them empathy is a crucial life process which is learned through play. As a teacher, I understand the contemporary family and its relationship to the school and to provide practical advice for developing strong home school relationship. I learned that I have to have a good sense of who I am first before I am introduced to other children’s family’s cultures and values. My goal as a teacher is to change traditional child rearing techniques as per my parents used to raise me. I believe that a child learns through social interactions. Mr. Jean Piaget strongly emphasizes in his theories on how a child develops a self or identity that includes a personality and self-concept. I strongly believe that socialization is a life process of learning how to feel, think and act in each social context. A child also learns this primary socialization through non-family involvement such as school and television and it must be regulated. The goal is to help the child to gain self-discipline. Children do not come with instructions. What is appropriate behavior may not be accepted outside of the classroom, yet it is quite different inside the classroom. Constant inappropriate behaviors are seen from adults and are passed down to the children. Young children can enhance their ability to identify their feelings appropriately. They have the capacity to read and comprehend other children’s emotions. They just lack the words and guidance to express them. Young children can recognize their feelings and build a vocabulary
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