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On the 2nd of June 2010 Derrick Bird Rampaged through the Cumbrian town of Egremont and the surrounding country side. He killed 12 people and wounded many others (11-25 according to different reports.) The killing spree is known as the Cumbria Shootings. Using the internet and newspaper reports gather as much information as you can about this incident and then using your learning from study of the preceding module answer the following questions. 1) What type of murder did Bird commit? (Mass murder, spree murder or serial murder.) What characteristics of the offence lead you to this answer? On June 2nd Derrick Bird Committed what is known as a 'spree murder' we know this is a spree murder rather than that of a mass or serial murder because of the rapid…show more content…
It appears that Bird caught his victims off guard and executed them. “He entered his brothers farm in Frizlington, Cumbria, where David was half dressed and in bed... including two shots that were fired into the victims head...” “Five hours later Bird was laying in wait for his second victim...He executed his victim with two .22 shots to the head.” where as the third and subsequent killings were done by getting the victims attention and shooting them once in the face or other parts of the body, in some cases using the butt of his gun to cause facial damage. 4)Did Birds MO remain consistent over the course of the shootings? Why? No, according to reports Birds MO changed over the course of the shootings going from executing his first two victims, single shot gun blast to the face in other victims and random shots causing bodily damage for example “Mr Kennedy suffered such severe injuries that his lower arm was later amputated.” and “Next, Bird stopped alongside Fiona Moretta, who leaned into his passenger window, believing he was going to ask her for directions. Instead, he injured her in the face with the

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