What to Do If You Experience Hearing Loss

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Did you suddenly experience hearing loss in one ear? Are you seeking answers and suggestions for treatment? Losing your hearing can be a scary occurrence, even with all of the information on the internet, there are very few places offering suggestions and advice on what you need to do immediately. Here are some tips on what to do. Begin by trying to determine the cause. If your hearing loss is the result of an injury, get to an emergency room right away. The sudden deafness Might not be too serious, but there may be more severe problems that aren't as easily identifiable. If you are or have been exposed to loud noise or music, start by using hearing protection suitable for the activity you're engaging in. Once you notice your hearing diminishing, make an appointment for a hearing test and an exam to find out how much damage has been done and if it can be repaired. If you lose your hearing as the result of a cold, you can start by taking a decongestant. If things don't clear up for you in a couple of hours, you will want to start thinking about making a doctor's appointment. You will also want to take note of any other symptoms you have, as these may indicate more severe problem. If just happen to wake up and cannot hear in one ear, you may be suffering from sudden sensorineural hearing loss. It would be great if there was something definitive about this disorder, however there is not. SSHL as it is referred to can strike anyone at any time, there is no predisposition toward men or women however it does occur more frequently in people over the age of 40. Some of the symptoms related to sudden deafness are dizziness, vertigo, nausea, tinnitus and disorientation. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you will want to do a few things IMMEDIATELY! •Give yourself the hearing test explained below •Go see a physician right away •Make an appointment with

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