What The Deaf Man Heard

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What the Deaf Man Heard The movie is about a boy, Sammy, who awakens to find himself anole, and his mother gone, after a bus trip to Barrington. Unknown to him at the time, his mother had been taken and murdered, with her case not to be solved for another twenty years. The last thing his mother had told him was to not say a word, taking the meaning literally, decides to pretend he is deaf and mute. Once he discovers that people became honest and trusting around him, he decided to continue to pretend he deaf and mute. The manager of the bus company, Norm, gives Sammy a place to stay, and with the assistance of his friend Lucille, he is brought up well and becomes a handy man for the town. Throughout the years, he picked up valuable information, and learned who people truly were. Sammy discovered the real reason behind a man’s, Tolliver, plan to bring people into church, money. When Tolliver’s plan unravels Sammy takes the stand to testify against him, speaking for the first time in over twenty years, shocking everyone that knew him to be deaf and mute. As Sammy tries to rekindle the bonds he had made with the people that had always been there for him, he becomes more than a friend to a woman, Tallasse, that he adored since the first day he came to Barrington. He also learns of a secret that Norm had discovered many years prior; Sammy was due for a large inheritance from his deceased father. The majority of the money was given to Norm and Lucille, and for creating a place for lost children to come to. In the end, Sammy rides off in a bus to continue his new life with Tallasse. The movie helped me see the different ways people would react when they meet a deaf person in the 1940s. It was much different than the way that people would approach the deaf now. People back then associated deafness with dumbness, not truly trying to figure out who the person is

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