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What is something that we desire to have, work diligently our entire life for, and will do almost anything to obtain? It is success. Webster's dictionary defines success as "favorable or desired outcome the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence." As humans, we all want to be successful whether it be in school or just life in general. to me success in general is over coming the hard ships faced in order to complete something to beyond proficiency, to me success is getting an A+ on that assignment. Success means achievement, accomplishment, victory, and triumph. Over the years, many people have viewed success as the gaining of fame and fortune. While this is true, success encompasses all kinds of prosperity. There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. It is something that usually takes a lot of effort to get, but is worth it in the end. Success is the accomplishment of a goal of any proportion or magnitude. Success is also something that is viewed differently in the eyes of everyone. This is because success means doing what you have always wanted to do, being where you have always wanted to be. If a man’s goal in life is to eventually get married to a good wife and have many happy children, and he accomplishes that, then he could view himself as having success. Success basically means being happy with what you are doing in life. Success is in some ways a state of the mind. Whether or not something is a success can often be debatable. For example someone might view a C on a quiz as success while others may not. In this way it is like saying one mans trash is another mans treasure. Success is highly opinionated. Like how some say the war on Iraq was a success because they overthrew Saddam Hussein while others say it was a failure because of the millions of dollars it expended. Success is merely

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