What Steps Must Be Taken to Prove Insanity

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What steps must be taken to prove insanity? When the defense claims that their client was not in a state of understanding for what he or she did due to mental disorder is often known as the insanity defense. This is to show that the defendant was unaware at what he or she was doing and should not be held accountable for the alleged actions. In this particular case the term insanity is used more legally than medically, so it is the court’s decision on if there should be a medical professional involved or not. Stu Dents was charged with homicide, kidnapping, assault of a police officer, burglary, and crimes related to drugs. With reviewing the charges, there should be proof before automatically accusing Stu Dents since everyone is innocent in court before proven guilty. The intent and mental element is a crucial factor to consider when looking at this case. It is apparent that at the time of the arrest Mr. Stu Dents was not well at. Not only was he angry, and physical, but when the officers tried to cuff him Mr. Dents ran off screaming, and talking about aliens and that he was God. Considering our client was mentally unstable is the reality. As for the homicide offensive, it is inconclusive that Mr. Dents was the one who entered Uma Opee’s residence since there was no evidence of force entry or if our client had used a key to enter his girlfriend’s residence. The results of the toxicology reports showed that our client, Mr. Dents, was not under the influence of any drug. It is therefore, justified that Mr. Dents is mentally unstable and should receive psychiatric care rather than go to prison (Ciolino, 2000). If the presented evidence show doubts about an individual’s sanity, then there is a need to establish sanity to the accused individual (Cole, 2008). The burden of proof is used to prove to the defense with clear and convincing evidence. Defendants

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