What Skills Do You Consider to Be Important as a Leader in the Vpc and Why?

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I believe there are many skills which are important as a leader in the VPC. Firstly being confident and having good communication skills are key requirements. Being confident is important as being in a leadership position would require you to be able to happily speak to people and 'lead' them. Being good at communicating would be important as you may have to speak to the group about a task or feed them some information. Another thing which is important, similar to being confident in your abilities is being confident in yourself. If you should come across a situation you are not familiar with, or something you possibly struggle with, you need to have the confidence within yourself to be able to do what you have been asked. Another skill required by a VPC would be the skill to understand ethnic diversity. A VPN should be able to treat everyone with equality and also be able to feel empathy. A situation could arise where you could come across someone of another ethnicity and a VPN would be expect to treat them the same and also consider the fact they may not be able to do certain thing when planing/running an activity. Patience would also be another important skill a VPN should have. A VPN would have to be patient if someone didn’t understand something relayed to them and try to explain it again. A VPN should be honest and trustworthy, this would be because they would be relied on by other people and if they were to let them down, others would suffer. A VPN should also have the skill to delegate, if a problem should arise within a task/group, the team leader should quickly and effectively deal with the situation. Finally a VPN must be committed to their role. A VPN should be committed to the cadets and their group. They should put extra effort in to their role to benefit the Group. What relevant experience do you have which you feel will help you in a new leadership
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