What Should You Do When You Graduate? Essay

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Jon Martin As a high school sophomore, I know that school can be very stressful. I have to balance between extracurricular, activities such as band, orchestra, or drama, and school work. This can make it very challenging to maintain a high GPA. Unfortunately, some people don’t want to go to college because they think it will just be four more years like high school. Both my mom and dad are professors so I know a lot about what goes on at a college or university. I can tell you right now that college can be one of the best experiences of your life, and before you go out into the world it is probably a good idea to be educated beyond secondary school. One of the biggest arguments against a college education is not being able to go work when you turn eighteen. Many people believe that this will cause them to fall behind and not be able save up enough money. A college education will let you “skip the line” and start working with better jobs, in better places, with better conditions, and on top of that, the unemployment rates for high school graduates have increased to 8.1% in the last year (“Value of a Degree”). The bottom line is that better jobs come from a better education. A huge perk of going to college is learning to be independent. In the real world there isn’t someone serving you and doing things for you, so it is important to learn how to take care of yourself and be responsible for yourself. When you turn eighteen, you are considered an adult. It is good and important to go to an environment away from your parents in order to obtain a level of independence. What is a better way to learn how to be independent than in college away from your parents and with your friends. The number one reason that people don’t go to college is because it costs a lot of money. Although college does cost a lot of money, you can

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