What Role Does Sappho Play In Greek Life

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Greek and Roman I have been given the exclusive power to invite three illustrious people from the ancient world to join me for dinner. This will give me the opportunity to have real life discussions about the roles they played in history, instead of just reading about it secondhand. The persons I have chosen are Sappho for her poetry, Aeschylus for his playwrights, and Socrates for his philosophical ideas. I am very eager to create intellectual dialogue with people that have made a great impact in our civilization. I chose Sappho as one of my guests because she was the first women poet to leave behind works that contain her own personal experiences. She was one of the first to write poetry based on the personal vantage point of the individual…show more content…
I admire his belief that one must concentrate more on self-development than on materialistic things and his view that virtues are the most powerful of all possessions. Since Socrates wrote nothing most of what we know of him comes from his disciple Plato, who wrote Socrates’ teachings in works called Dialogues. In this we learn about his creation of the Socratic method, which is a form of debate between individuals based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking. He is best recognized for inventing the teaching practice of pedagogy, wherein a teacher questions a student in a manner that draws out the correct response. I imagine that we would discuss the challenges he faced with the Athenians due to his ideals, which weren’t accepted in that time. I am also curious to know weather or not he is proud of the effect he has had on western philosophy since his teachings are still used today. Not to mention the inquiry we will most likely have on the topic of ethics. Even though there is no actual work from Socrates himself, he ultimately shaped the views of his supporters who carried out his ideals and teachings after his

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