What Role Does Religion Play In The Middle Ages

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Alexus Moore English 12 Section 2\UFTSCS Mr. Fernandez Nov 6,2012 Throughout the Medieval times, people had to pick between the divine and the earthly. Earthly is basically what’s happening on the earth now; Its reality. Divine is relating to God or goddesses. For example the earthly has a esthetic impact and morality plays. The Divine has pilgrimages, and symbols. These are the choices that medieval man had to choose between. The Middle Ages was characterized as a period of twilight. Some people said the Medieval choose was between the faith in god and encounter evil, quoting from Hebrews 11:1-6.I believe as time went on the Modern man made his decision; considering there was no such as modern knowledge back then. The…show more content…
From The Earliest ages people believed in Heaven and Hell; but they are taught that and seduce the only way together in to heaven was to abide the rules of the Roman Catholic church or wreck your life. Since then medieval man had a fear of going to hell, they had to go comprehend with the church. Patrons had to pay to get proper burial.[Historylearningsite.co.uk] During the Medieval Ages the catholic church told horrible stories about hell. If you were a sinner and you did not follow the church you will blemish in hell forever. You can relate this too the book Dante Inferno. Dante Inferno informs you about hell and what’s it like to anguish over love ones. Dante also painted a picture saying he was in hell contemporary hell and saw a black devil that was grotesque and had wings that he described as the devil. The Earthly basically are humans that cannot Encounter god. The Earthly Wisdom was about consequences , trial and error. The divine wisdom was much deeper , also with eternal perspective. The earthly is a reason , the divine is a delusion
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