What Role Does Music Play In Maestro Essay

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Maestro Essay – ii what role does music play in Maestro. 1. Explore relationships, forms relationship. 2. How it changed Keller’s life, he actually got to live. 3. Only way Keller can show affection, though music. 4. Express characters feelings. Peter Goldsworthy’s 1989 retrospective narrative ‘Maestro’ explores the importance of music in the novel and the relationships it binds between the protagonist Paul Crabbe and the people in his life, and also how some way music can change a person’s life. An adult Paul narrates his development throughout with the understanding of how music brings people and their lives together ‘music is another glue’. Goldsworthy explores how music plays a role in Maestro. He explores the deep love of music throughout the novel and the bonds it creates with relationships between characters, also importantly how music provided another chance for Keller to live, the way music forms a love hate relationship between characters in the novel, and finally the way music expresses character’s feelings. In Maestro music formed many different relationships throughout the novel. Paul’s parents, Nancy and John, shared a common thread of music but that was where there similarities ended because ‘apart from music they had little in common.’ The main relationship formed throughout the novel due to music is the relationship between Paul and Herr Keller. Keller was Paul’s music teacher in the novel, and although Keller teaches Paul more about life than music during their lessons, it’s those music lessons that bind the relationship between Paul and Keller. It’s the relationships formed by music within Maestro that change each other’s lives. Music also played a role in the novel as it changed Keller’s life; music had given him a second chance. Herr Keller’s family had been taken away from him by Hitler in the holocaust. Hitler

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