What Role Do American Parents Play in Child Obesity

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What role do American parents play in child obesity? Child obesity has become a major issue in America. Children as young as 5 years old have been diagnosed with adult diseases like, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Parents are aware of the complications that their children can suffer with a “lazy” life style. These lifestyles range from sedentary habits, bad eating habits, and lack of exercise. Firstly, statistics have it; that child obesity has increased 30% in the last 20 years. These are staggering results that come out of the lifestyle that parents have chosen for their kids. Having the TV babysit for hours does no one any good. The average American child watches TV, plays video games in front of a TV and also staring in a computer screen a good part of the day. As long as kids are safe inside the house they are not encourage to go out and play and exercise. The typical American parent is too busy working and being “lazy” to plan meals and family time. Even on TV commercials the whole family is either watching TV or using the tablet, phone or computer, what type of family time is that? Parents usually seek the easier route by picking up dinners which are super high in carbs and sodium, or rent movies to pacify the kids after school. These are horrible habits that unfortunately will continue to affect society. Being that we are role models to our kids we should implement better habits like healthy snacks, keep healthy foods in the fridge and pantry, always start the day with a healthy breakfast, meals with the family, chew slowly and enjoy the food. In conclusion, parents have the upper hand in shaping their children eating habits and exercise for a longer brighter future. We are role models, something that people seem to forget so let’s act like it and prevent cardiovascular diseases in children. Remember that whatever lifestyle you choose for

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