What Role Did Women Play In The Revolutionary War

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While when the revolutionary war is discussed the main figures represented are white men they were not the only people who played a role in the war, Women and African Americans were also played key parts. Women often did not fight directly through combat however they supported the war effort in their own way. Perhaps one of the most recognized feats of women today was the creation of the early American flag by betty Ross. This helped to bring about a greater sense of unity in the colonies knowing they were united under a common banner. Women also helped when British goods were being boycotted by making items such as clothing at home. At times it was necessary for them to pick up arms as well in order to defend their residence if the husband was away fighting in the war. Africans Americans fought for both sides during the war. Some slaves would even leave their masters to fight for the crown. This was due to a promise made in the Dunmore's Proclamation, which promised them freedom if they abandoned their masters and fought in the royal army. Whether it was on the side of the patriots or the British the main motivating factor for slaves was the hope of freedom. The Rhode Island regiment even recruited African Americans due to a lack of white males willing to enlist.…show more content…
When the British began the heavy taxation Colonists began to ban together. They started to come together in order to create an effective boycott of British goods. Colonists began to sacrifice their individual needs in order to benefit the colonies as a whole. The increase of British influence also made the colonists angry. They felt that they were being denied their rights as Englishmen. This feeling increased further with acts like the intolerable acts and quartering act. This forced colonists to house and feed the very British solider they

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