What Recent News Story Has Affected You the Most Essay

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What recent news story has affected you the most? In what ways has it affected you? Use specific reasons and examples to support your response. The news story that affected me the most recently was the earthquake in Haiti that happened on the 12th January this year. It was a world-wide shock because there were millions of gone, injured or homeless people and those who lived should remember this catastrophe all of their lives. That’s why I cannot be uncompassionate to their sorrow. But then the miracle happened and people all over the world came to inspire them a little hope, that time I felt relieved and happy for the folks of Haiti. And finally I felt a bit guilty that I didn’t believe in miracles and humanity that lives in our hearts. At first when I saw the news that Haiti had suffered a vast defeat I was shocked. The little children crying for their parents made me feel so heart-broken and compassionate. No food, no home, no life. Nature is tough and nobody can resist it. I suppose that Haiti was not prepared for that kind of disaster and this is the reason why it was striking for it. Moreover, I remember when there were floods in Bulgaria what kind of disaster was for us, and how hard we managed to come right. Though it wasn’t that big deal because there weren’t these massive damages, I felt really sorry and compassionate about the folks of Haiti. But afterwards I was nicely surprised that people from all over the world, not just the big countries, went to Haiti and helped the injured by hand by bringing water, food, medicine and whatever was needed. Famous people: politicians, actors, singers and so on were also there to give their support and inspire hope and love to those who had lost everything. I was pleased to see that everyone was scrupulous and trying to make good. I was relieved that those who suffered this terrible earthquake will feel that

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