What Really Motivates People

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Whether you call it enthusiasm, passion, or dedication, what all people want is to be motivated. Organizations want hard working motivated people working for them. A motivated team will most likely respond positively to change and support organizational culture. In most cases, small gestures have a bigger impact on people than big ones. Achievement and recognition of achievement have been proved time and time again by Psychologists and social scientists, who say that these are the most powerful motivators. The Basis for Maslow’s motivation theory is that unsatisfied needs is what human beings are motivated by, also that a person’s higher needs cannot be satisfied until a person’s certain lower needs are met. Physiological, esteem, love, safety, and survival are all general types of needs that must be satisfied before a person can act altruistically. Maslow called these needs “deficiency needs”. As long as our cravings are fed by our motivation, we move towards growth, and self-actualization. Preventing indulgence can make us sick and act evilly while satisfying our needs is healthy. WHAT REALLY MOTIVATES PEOPLE 3 To attain psychological precedence, after a need is satisfied it will stop acting as a motivator. Then, the next need which is one rank higher will start to motivate. The process will continue till self-actualization is reached. Self-actualization is the peak of Maslow's motivation theory. This theory is about the pursuit of reaching a person’s full potential. Self-actualization is never fully satisfied, unlike the lower level needs. There are always new opportunities for a person to continue to grow psychologically. According to Maslow, only a certain percentage of the population will reach the level of self-actualization. Survey Analysis: Employee Motivation by Generation Factors Motivated employees are more
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