What Problems Do Immigrants Face in the Uk? What Solutions Are There to These Problems?

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What problems do immigrates face in the UK? what solutions are there to these problems? People emigrate from one country to another for a variety of complex reasons. Some are forced to move, because of political reasons and others for economy ones. However, there are always drawbacks which might has an effect on immigrates themselves. In addition to this, solutions could be provided to these obstructions which could be faced by immigrants. these points will be discussed in this essay. The problems of immigrates in the UK: because of the cheap labor of immigrants, they can be exploited by host countries. in other words, immigrates who travel to other countries for work, they might be oppressed because of their necessity needs. in addition to this, the racism can be the issue which faced by many people when they move to another country. however, this is not always the negative point, as it can be positive one. in more words, immigrates can benefit from the life they live more than the original citizen. this will rise tensions and hostilities between both people. Some immigrants do not have a skillful job in order to assess host countries. This will be problematic for immigrates themselves, as they will not have a high salary. therefore, immigrates should be educated or well worker in order to gain much money. The solutions of immigrants in the UK: immigrants should be careful about their rights while they work in other country by knowing the works' prices. they need to be aware of everything around them in host country. Furthermore, people sometimes need to be

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