What Parenting Means To The Parent And The Child Essay

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Being a parent means different things to the parent and to the child. To the parent being a parent means responsibility because you have to be responsible for the child and different aspects of the child’s life. Also it means life long commitment because it will as long as you are the parent which is forever. Another thing it means to a parent is happiness because you have someone who loves you no matter what and you get to observe them growing up. To the child their parent means guidance because the parent hopefully will lead the child on the right path. Also it means someone you can confide in because they will listen to you and give you their advice. Another thing it means to the child is support because they will be there for you when nobody else will. Different parents have different assessments on what their children mean to them. Some say love, patience, hard work, attention, and perseverance. These are that things that are demonstrated by parents to there children everyday. These are also the things you have to require to care for a child. Children also have different assessment on what their parents mean to them. Some say rules, conflict, love and what all kids need, money banks. These are things that parents supply to children. Some parent lack in some areas which makes it harder on the children and the parent. To conclude, both being a parent and being a child requires a lot of responsibility. Also anyway you look at it a child will always be your child no matter what age the child is and a parent will always be a parent. You are not ready to become a parent until you have conquered emotional maturity. Emotional maturity involves putting others needs before your own, devoting your attention to a child, and can control their temper if children cry.

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