What New Treasures Do The Children Find In The Knothole

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Chapter 7 42. Q: What secret does Jem reveal to Scout? A: He told Scout that when he went to retrieve his pants they were folded and sewed together. Before they were all tangled in a mesh on the gate. 43. Q: What new treasures do the children find in the knothole? A: Jem and Scout found a ball of grey twine in the knothole. 44. Q: What does Jem learn about in the sixth grade? A: In the sixth grade Jem learned briefly about the Egyptian Period, and that they invented toilet paper, and perpetual embalming. 45. Q: Who does Scout think has been leaving the treasures? A: Scout thinks that Miss Maudie is leaving the treasures in the knothole. 46. Q: How do the kids express…show more content…
Chapter 10 64. Q:Name five things we learn about Atticus in this chapter. How does Scout feel about her father at the beginning of this chapter? A: We learn that Atticus is nearly fifty, he works in an office, he wore glasses, he he was nearly blind in his left eye, and can play the Jew’s Harp. At the beginning of this chapter Scout feels as if Atticus is boring because he simply isn’t like all the other fathers. 65. Q:According to Miss Maudie, why is it a sin to kill a mockingbird? A: It is a sin to kill a mockingbird because they don’t cause any harm all they do is make music for people to enjoy , and sing their hearts out for them. 66. Q:What does Miss Maudie teach Scout about her father? A: Miss Maudie teaches Scout that Atticus isn’t just old he has numerous thing he, and he’s been hiding them from Scout and Jem. 67. Q:Who is Tim Johnson? What is wrong with him? A: Tim Johnson is a liver colored dog bird dog who was the property
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