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Age of Invention: The Moving Picture During the late 1800s and early 1900s inventions of great magnitude began to shape the culture and arts of humanity to what it has become today. Inventions such as the automobile, airplane, steam engine, moving pictures, assembly line, and the discovery of the atom plus many more, shaped nearly every aspect of our modern world. Through the development of moving pictures one can see the influences it has created on culture and art during the early 1900s through present day. With the invention of moving pictures, new works of art including the film, The Birth of a Nation witch introduced a new style to watching film, a book; The Spoilers which was one of the first novels to be made into a movie and in the visual arts a picture called The Animated painting by Edwin s. Porter in 1904. Films during the early years, where called one reelers lasting 10 to 15 minutes. As the development of motion pictures continued, films became longer witch lead to full length movies or “features” witch allowed each movie to become a work of art. The first full length feature is, The Birth of a Nation was made up of 13 reels and was about a white woman who tries to fight off the sexual advances of a black man as the Ku Klux Klan comes to her rescue. Implemented a dynamic range of cinematic space by using flashbacks, in which a film cuts to narrative episodes that are supposed to have taken place before the start of the film, cross cutting, when a film moves back and forth between two separate events, and the iris shot, the frame slowly opening in a wide circle as a scene begins. These are all new and creative forms of art that D.W. Griffith invented for entertainment. The Birth of a Nation had some negative effects on the culture of the time period due to the fact that it was a very racist movie and eight states denied its release. Novelists now

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