What Mood Does the Poet Create in This Poem?-Hunting Snake Essay

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This poem is written by Judith Wright with the title Hunting Snake. This poem is about a two person that walk in a garden or forest and they see a black big snake and the feeling is express in this poem, from the beginning until the snake is gone and they start to walk again. At the first line of the poem, it created a nice feeling or happy mood. The title of hunting snake created the mood of extreme feeling like extreme with fear feeling in hunting. Then at the 3rd-4th line it explains the snake with fear feeling. The writer write when 2 people walk in a forest with a word “Sun-warmed in this late season’s grace under the autumn’s gentlest sky” mean a nice feeling with a beautiful gentlest sky. Then the writer write the word “froze half-through a pace” means they hold a breath and they don’t move, because they were scared with a strong scared feeling because of the word “The great black snake went reeling by” or a snake walk through and they were scared. The word “we lost breath” or mean they lost their breath or their life stop for a while because of a strong scared feeling when they saw the snake. Also it describe how predator is the snake in the word “head-down, tongue flickering on the trail he quested through the parting grass” in the line 5-6. Their eyes were still keep on watching the movement of the snake with the word “What track he followed, what small food fled living form his fierce intent”, because of the snake is trying to catch the prey and also they scared and keep watching the snake in the word “our eyes went with him as he went”. The word “we scarcely thought; still as we stood our eyes went with him as he went”, with the meaning they eyes is keep on watching the snake. Then the snake suddenly gone into the grass in the word “cold, dark and splendid he was gone into the grass that hid his prey”. Then the word “We took a deeper breath of day,

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