What Modern Women; a Beta Male

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What modern women want: a beta male Kate Mulvey’s October 7th opinionated article entitled ‘What modern women want: a beta male’ which appeared on The Times affirms that modern women can be both successful achievers and have the ‘loving beta male’ at the same time. Mulvey’s blunt and frank tone reflects on women of today’s society whose true personality and accomplishments are hidden in the fear of ‘scarring off’ their ideal suitor. Visual language is used in this article to express to readers the idea of being a modern woman. The article image literally shows a figure of a business woman carrying a suitcase who seems to be stepping forward with power and confidence. The intended meaning behind this bold figure symbolizes the successful ‘21st century woman’ who can ‘rise to the top’ with no need to conceal her achievements since she has a ‘clear agenda’ of finding a mate. This symbolic figure hopes to encourage readers to keep the figure in their minds as a role model of a contemporary woman. Mulvey begins her article with the use of a personal anecdote. She attempts to persuade audiences by showing that she is part of this issue and sits in the same position as her readers through sharing her experience about her date at a restaurant when she ‘outshone her suitor’ by showing off her Italian speaking talent in front of him. She state that her action that night was ‘the worst dating faux pas’ meaning that what she had done was against the idea of a typical male-in-control relationship. Mulvey then establishes her main contention that there are many young and successful women out there who would ‘soften their image’ and conceal their accomplishments to get the perfect husband and increase their chances of marriage. In this article the writer uses a rhetorical question as a way to draw readers towards her contention that women should step up to be in control of

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