What Might Be Some of the Difficulties and Rewards of Being a Carer for a Family Member?

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What challenges do individuals face when giving and receiving care within families? Illustrate your answer from K101 Unit 1. This essay will discuss the challenges faced by those who ‘care’ and the individuals who receive the ‘support because of their sickness, age or disability’ (Directgov, 2006). The case studies of Ann and Angus from ‘Hidden Carers’ by Joyce Cavaye, 2006 and the interviews of young disabled Asian people by Yasmin Hussain, Karl Atkin and Waqar Ahmed in 2002, are representative of the vast numbers of families and individuals providing unpaid care and support to friends, relatives and neighbours living in the United Kingdom. These case studies provide insight into the daily challenges experienced by of those in need of care and those who provide the physical and emotional support required. Care givers are officially recognised as ‘carers’ by the UK Government if they provide a minimum of 35 hours care a week; this then qualifies them for the current Carer’s Allowance if they meet set criteria in the application process. Many people who provide care and support for family, friends or neighbours do not see themselves as a ‘carer’ and feel it is their duty or responsibility to look after others and are not in receipt of any financial benefits. The case study of Ann and Angus, which was based on research by Joyce Cavaye, gives a clear insight into the challenges typically faced by individuals as care givers and care recipients. Ann had taken over the care of her Step Father, Angus, as a promise to her mother just before she died. Angus, who has Parkinson’s disease, lives with Ann, her husband Bob and their daughter Zoe in the house Angus owns. Having given up her job when Angus required more care, Ann was beginning to realise the detrimental impact providing sole care for Angus was having on her physical health and emotional well-being. Ann’s

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