What Methods Does Steinbeck Use in This Passage to Present Candy?

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In this passage, we see the methods that Steinbeck uses to present the character of Candy. One of Steinbeck’s most used methods is repetition, for example, when Candy says : “I seen her give Slim the eye” twice to George. Steinbeck is showing here how Candy is a gossiper and how he finds entertainment in unfounded rumours. Furthermore, it could also indicate a crueller side to Candy, if he had one. He is talking about Curley’s wife with the clear intention of discrediting her to George. This displays him to be a heedful rumourmonger amongst the other itinerant workers: “Well, I think Curley’s married a tart.” In addition, another language device that Steinbeck uses in this passage to present Candy is adjectives. There are a wide variety of adjectives used such as, “reassured” and, “safe” which also describe Candy’s inner thoughts and feelings. The fact that Candy feels secure when taking to George implies that he is reluctant to talk to any of the other ranch hands because they usually disrespect him and exclude him for who he is: a disabled individual. However, “reassured” may suggest a sense of caution and perceptiveness about Candy, and suggests that initially he did not trust George and Lenny. Coupled with this, Steinbeck describes Candy as speaking “more confidently” to George. This suggests that Candy is normally reserved and quiet. The judgemental society is to blame for the way that Candy is, trapped in a place where people are judged on appearance that feelings. Steinbeck wants us to feel sympathy for Candy because of the discriminatory situation in which he

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