What Makes Teens Tick

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SOWK 505-FALL 2012 Assignment #1 Dominique Bush October 1, 2012 Tosha Sweets What Makes Teens Tick Many parents go through a time of misunderstanding and deliberate disobedience with their teenage child, however many do not understand the reasons behind the repetitive actions. The article titled, “What Makes Teens Tick” written by Claudia Wallis had many scientific points as to what the teens are affected by during the time of adolescent maturation and growth. A major project that the article focused on was the imaging of teen brains with a focus on several twin brains. Seeing the difference in exposures in addition to the normal development was a great insight to see how different parts of the brain operate. Another topic that is widely discussed and possibly links too many disorders such as ADHD and or Autisms is pruning of the brain. This process is something that the brain undergoes through the third to sixth month of gestation and is an elimination of unnecessary brain cells. Although the topic of pruning is still something that is newly discovered it seems to have a great insight as to the developmental process and how it could have many effects on other things throughout the brain and its sensory. Hormones will always be a major factor in teenage behavior, emotions with unpredictable behavior being common amongst teens. Reasons behind many of the immediate changes are caused from the down pour of estrogen and testosterone that the blood stream is exposed to. Sex hormones are also active during this time which plays into the emotions as well as the need to run wild so to speak. Many people view this behavior as peer pressure, most of the behavior seen is peer pressure however it is an act showing of or wanting to impress the group of teens that is hanging out with one another, which is turn is based on their emotions right then. Teens
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