What Makes Franklin D Roosevelt A Good President

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Throughout American history, we have seen a great deal of Presidents. We have seen some that were good, and others not as good. A President must do a lot for his or her country. They must be dependable, intelligent, unbiased, diplomatic, and kind. The President must carry America, and represent America’s integrity. Growing up, I have noticed that I only retain and remember the names of those Presidents that excelled. That being said, I only remember five names. Franklin D. Roosevelt is among the five out of forty-four. Franklin Roosevelt is said to be not only one of the greatest Presidents America has ever seen, but also the most popular. His succession is due to his creative political gifts that guided America through the terrible crisis of the Great Depression and the Second World War. His…show more content…
Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt both had lots to offer in their candidate race, although the outcome was won by a landslide. The Great Depression had hit America hard, and the damage was made even worse by Hoover’s administration that had attempted to control the outburst. The American people were hesitant between both Hoover and Roosevelt because they had suffered already so much from the depression. Hoover believed that eventually the economy would fix itself, while Roosevelt on the other hand believed that the country needed to take much action to turn its economy around. Roosevelt told the country what problems were at hand and dealt with them one-on-one, for example in his speech in San Francisco in 1932, “Our industrial plant is built; the problem just now is whether under existing conditions it is not overbuilt” [61]. Roosevelt also won over the people by promising, “that he would cut federal spending by 25 percent” [60]. Roosevelt simply had the gift of problem solving which eased America into voting for him, they knew and trusted that he would get America out of this
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