What Makes Cyrus The Greatest Ruler

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Cyrus the Greatest Ruler Cyrus the Great was one of the most powerful and influential rulers of his time. Cyrus was determined to accomplish his goals and actually be remembered as someone. Cyrus wanted to be remembered as a ruler that was serious about making his empire the greatest. Therefore, he made many contributions to make Persia the great empire it was. Although Cyrus conquered many nations, organized governments and gained respect from others, one of his best achievements was freeing the Jews from Babylon, there by then earning their respect. Cyrus found the great empire Persia and unified the Persians under one rule. His goal after uniting the Persians was to take over the Western portion of Iran.The section of Iran included several trade routes that crossed Iran and continued through Anatolia. Anatolia was also known as Turkey. The western of Iran is where the Medes lived. He made his army prepare and train everyday to win control over Iran since it was his first war. The Persians…show more content…
Croesus was so sure he was going to win the battle with Cyrus. He even tried to find allies to be better than Cyrus the Great. Cyrus was already moving quickly, and Croesus just could not catch up. Cyrus then conquered Lydia, and the greek city states along Anatolia. Although, Cyrus did conquer Lydia he wasn’t like the other invaders at all. He was an gentle invader and he spared the life of Croesus. “ Croesus became one of Cyrus' most valued friends and advisers ( “Cyrus the Great: Facts, Accomplishments & Quiz”). The most famous conquest of Cyrus the Great was that of Babylon. Cyrus conquered Babylon and then heard that the babylonians captured the city of Jerusalem. That was called the Babylonian Captivity. Many Jews were the captives of the Babylonian Captivity. Cyrus was welcomed in Babylon with his army by the slaves of Babylon. Cyrus decided to free the
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