What Makes an Effective Erp System

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“An enterprise system is central to an organization and ensures information can be shared across all business functions and all levels of management to support the running and mananing of a business. “ (Stair and Renyolds, 2013, pg 264). So in order for the system to be effective the system must fit the organization and be able to help managers to make decisions that support the company objectives. Daily operations generates a lot of information from customer orders to payment processing, so the data should be integrated so that it can be easily used. The business processes of the organization must also be incorporated into the system, so that data and decision management is in sync. Of course financial considerations needs to always be considered when deciding whether an ERP system is effective. If a company has to spend 1 million dollars on the implementation, but is only able to generate incremental revenue of 5 hundred thousand, then the system is really not all that effective. As Stair and Reynolds pointed out in the text, there are now systems that are more cost effective even for the small business owners. System features can also be scalable as to not be overly complicated that it doesn’t fit the needs of smaller organizations. In the text, Stair and Reynolds provides a popular small business ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics, which is geared toward business that have does not have a complex operation and makes implementation much simpler. Discuss the tools required for effective communication in the workplace. Effective communication provides many benefits. Conversely, the lack of effective communication has lasting consequences. Think about your organization and its communication process. Think about things that make it successful or things which make it unsuccessful. Effective workplace communication is about five simple habits, Repetition,

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