What Makes a Society Work Well

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A Well Working Society Tracy Litsey ENG102 Sullivan University Essay #1 Outline A society is a community of people with common goals and values. The National Honor Society is indeed a society, a society of scholars with goals of academic achievement. The population of a prison can also be considered a society. Being defined as a society does not speak to the functionality of that society. Many things contribute to a society that works well, a successful society. Laws, beliefs, values attitudes, morality all contribute to the making of a well working society. Law and order is essential to a community working well. People have some written as well as unwritten agreements about what is common and decent within a society. The more formal and written are usually developed as laws. The shear common decency and good morals are expected, and an unspoken as well as an unwritten agreement that is established by the people of a society. Without laws a society would be chaotic. stealing, fraud, murder, and causing harm to fellow man, are among some of the most obvious offenses laws prevent that help promote a well-functioning society. Being kind and decent is not a written law but more of unspoken rule or agreement in a society which is also an important part of a successful civilization. An understanding of how to treat other members in one’s society is an important feature to the success and well-being of the society. When the enforcement of laws is not in existence ,order cannot being maintained, and a community of people chose not to practice the unwritten rules of common decency then the society will inevitably breakdown or fail. Law and order without a doubt is a part of what makes a society work well. The values and beliefs of a society are a key attributes to how well a society works. Values are the principles and standards by which a community lives by.

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