What Makes A Leader Essay

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In every society, there is one person led by self determination, who is willing to risk it all for their peers and put themselves out there to better the lives of a community. This notion has driven the course of human events in both positive and negative ways. Hitler led an army of three countries to the downfall of many more, Martin Luther King and Harriet Tubman influenced the world with their eagerness and knowledge of what is right, and Gandhi liberated an entire country from Imperialism. All of these worldwide known leaders have driven the course of history with their self determination. During Hitler's dictator ship, he utilized his self determination and took it to an all-time high, aiming for a nearly impossible goal, the control of the world as a whole. He did this through strategy, knowledge of his people and an extreme amount of self determination. But Hitler is not an example of a leader who influences history in a positive way for in his attempt to rule the world, he made a huge impact on history by being responsible for the extermination of over a million people in the Holocaust. This important yet tragic historical event has taught the world that it is essential to have equal rights, distribution of power, and the true destruction that one person is capable of if given the chance. This has been a deep crater on the surface of history and will be the subject of history classes for years to come. MLK jr. and Harriet Tubman also made a huge impact on society with their undying self determination to spread the word of equal rights of all races. Both world known activists used their tremendous amount of self determination to let go of all fears of consequences. Harriet showed this when refusing to give her seat to a white person on the bus. He self determination pushed her even though she knew that this action would lead to jail or even being

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