What Makes a Good Teacher

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What Makes a Good Teacher? What makes a good teacher? A teacher is a mentor who imparts teaching or knowledge to people who want to be taught. There are normal teachers and good teachers. To be a good teacher is important for society, because if you have an excellent mentor you will progress, so society will also progress. There are some aspects, which make a good teacher. For each person the qualities can be different, but I am going to enumerate what are some of qualities that are important for me. I think the three most important qualities are: having passion for his/her job, a sense of purpose and being a good communicator. First of all, having passion is an essential part of a good teacher. The love a teacher needs to spare for the students, they will also need love for their own subject. If one has no passion for the job one has, then one will not devote one's utmost attention to it. A teacher should not teach only for a salary, but should be responsible for the students they are teaching. For example when I was in high school my mathematics’ teacher was incredible, we can felt the love he had for us and further the love he had for his job. He enjoyed teaching. However, If the teachers has no devotion to the subject, then the students likely to depend more on themselves and not share all the fun in learning. Also, a good teacher always has a sense of purpose. They choose the teaching programme very carefully and adjust it to the needs of their students. Such as the teacher that I talked before, he always adapted the teaching to us. If one student didn´t understand he repeated again, if the problem persisted, he explained after class. But no student left without learning. Students always come first and that`s why every decision teachers make will affect the students. They share experience with other teachers and thus is always learning new things.

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