What Makes a Good Teacher

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Brian Downey Writing Workshop 11/28/11 Public school teachers have a reputation for pushing kids through their classes and just letting the next teacher worry about the students. These teachers who are doing this are gaining a reputation of being “bad teachers”, and it is rubbing off on other teachers. These “bad teachers” are not willing to put in an extra effort to help these students who are struggling within their class. The teachers figure that this is more time out of their days that they don’t want to waste. The students in other classes who are doing well probably have what we call “good teachers”, and these “good teachers” are putting in extra effort to make sure that their students are learning what they should be and not just barely passing the class. The teachers who are getting through to the students are the ones who know the subject well, instruct the class well, and help each student individually when they need help. A teacher with strong knowledge of the subject that they are teaching is going to be an essential piece of teaching to the students. The teacher can get their knowledge of the subject across better to the students if they are well educated within the subject. A “good teacher” is always looking for new materials about their subject that they didn’t know so they can share it with their students. The article “The Mystery of Good Teaching” provides some evidence that knowledge of subject matter has a positive influence on students. “Teachers’ knowledge of their subject matter, as measured by degrees, courses, and certification in that area, is associated with high performance. Studies with more detailed measures of teachers’ education levels and coursework in subject areas found that, at least in math and science, academic preparation does positively influence students achievements.”(Goldhaber) The teachers who do not know

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