What Makes a Good Parent? Essay

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What makes a good parent? Our childhoods are a myriad of mystery, discovery, intense learning, and a host of other things. We learn everything from how to tie our shoelaces, to what makes a good friend. Arguably, the single most important aspect of our childhood is who our parents are, and how they raise us. Some people believe that children will grow up to be successful if they have ‘good’ parents, and are doomed for failure if they have ‘bad’ parents. However, the definition of a ‘good’ parent varies from person to person, and sometimes we are considered a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ parent only when our children are grown. What makes a good parent? Is a good parent someone who gives their child the best of everything? A ‘good’ education, at a ‘good’ school. Expensive sneakers, and name brand clothing? Is a good parent someone who has time to attend every recital, basketball game, and debate match? What if this same parent does all of the things a ‘good’ parent is supposed to do, but offers no emotional support or guidance? For example, let’s say a father has a 15 yr old son. The son plays baseball and is in the marching band. The father, while growing up, never had a real connection with his parents. He had everything he needed, but didn’t feel close to them in the way that he wanted to. Now, that he has a son of his own the cycle is seemingly repeating itself. The only example of ‘good parenting’ he has is his own experiences. His son doesn’t feel any real emotional connection to him, but can the father be considered a ‘good’ parent? The son has physically has everything that he needs to survive. However, he may not be mentally prepared for life as an adult on his own. Let’s look at the inverse of this aforementioned situation. What if the father and son lived in a low income neighborhood. The father worked two jobs to make ends meet and couldn’t afford to buy

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