What Makes a Good Parent. Essay

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Patricia E. Miranda What makes a good parent? Society has always tried to find out the answer, depending on whom and how you ask the question, Parents are considered as the first teachers of the child’s life, it is through their parents that make the children learn not only by talking and walking, but also about the moral values. If we think about the future of the child or children, the role of their parent comes first. First, the love; Love is one of the most important features in proper development of the child. Parents should have a foundation of love where they actually care about the child. For example, if we compare the children who grows with loving parent and that of children who grows by themselves without the parent’s love. The nature of the children without parents is more aggressive, less compassion and lacks the caring nature for the society. So, therefore to have a good society; the love of parent becomes necessary. This includes giving attention and showing affection to the child. Second, the discipline; discipline is another important character of human beings. Without discipline one cannot become a productive human being. It is therefore the responsibility of the parent to correct their children when they are on the wrong, and put them on the right track in life. The child should be continuously being taught and make them understand what are good and what are bad. The child should be made responsible for their misdeed and try to be corrected by their parents. Third, habit; when children are born they are like an empty vessel. It is up to their parent what to put in and not. If we teach them about good habit the children will adapt to it, which will help them when they grow older. For example, parents should make a habit of reading books to their children and the caring for other. Finally, a good parent makes a good

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