Characteristics Of A Good Government Essay

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What Makes a Good Government? Over the decades of civilization government has evolved, flourished and transformed cultures and regions. There are many different types of government each one shaped form an idea or from the very cultures it transformed. Government has been used for good, for example, to organize and to take care of its people. However government is not inerrant because it is solely ran by humans. Humans have passions and can be corrupted over time. But the essence of man is not evil because God made man in His image and likeness. “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. . . God looked at everything he had made, and he found it very good.” So what makes a good government? What makes a good government is when man is true to his core because in every…show more content…
Government should offer education to all, to assure that each person’s worth and potential can be explored. Education gives a man the ability to do something with his life to better him and the world. Education allows man to make his own decisions. A good government does not rule everything. It lets the people live their lives according to their interior goodness. Thirdly, it gives man an environment where he does not have to steal. But an environment that flourishes the goodness inside each one, it gives them a government that helps inspires goodness instead of corruption. Lastly a good government cares for those who cannot care for themselves. It does this by offering medical care who those cannot afford it. A good government also does this by opening up orphanages, nursing homes and other homes for the disabled. Finally, by helping after natural disasters, it cares for all that were badly injured by the hospitals. It helps by organizations that clean up and rebuild and helping all who are in need of their

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