What Legislation Is There in Place to Safeguard Children and Vulnerable Adults?

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What legislation is there in place to safeguard children and vulnerable adults? Children’s act 2004 The children’s act 2004 is a legislation that is put in place to ensure that children are safeguarded and protected. The children’s act 2004 was passed on the 15th of November 2004.The children’s act 2004 was accompanied by the launch of a major strategy document for English authorities. This was a green paper every child matters which is set out to support children and their families. Setting out five outcomes and support them to be • Safe • Healthy • Enjoy and achieve • Economic well being • Positive contribution to society The children’s act changed law to protect children, and changed the laws on how to deal with issues that are to do with children. The ultimate aim is to make the United Kingdom a better and safer for children of all ages. Safeguarding vulnerable groups act 2006 The safeguarding vulnerable group’s act 2006 is a piece of legislation in the United Kingdom which was passed on the 8th November 2006. There are two lists of people who are barred from working with children and vulnerable adults. Barred individuals can be placed on one or both of the lists. New criminal offences will be enforced which will relate to both employers and employees. Pre-employment vetting will be put into place, checks will be put into place before an individual can start work, this way they an ensure that know one who is at risk of bringing harm to children or vulnerable adults enters to work place. This scheme aims to protect children and vulnerable adults from those who they be at risk to. Abuse Victims. There are many different organisations that are set up to help abuse victims and are set up within the four different sectors, these organisations may include: • SAFE- safe which stands for stop abuse for everyone is a voluntary organisation.
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