What Leadership Means To A Student Essay

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In order to display leadership, I believe that one has to have the ability to be a leader. Being a leader to me means to be able to act as a guide, or be an influence in every aspect of our lives. Whether it is lending out our hand to people, helping teachers pick up trash and organize the classroom, acting as a leader by stepping up and doing something that you’re afraid to do, or just simply by doing more than what you’re expected to do, these are all qualities of being a leader. I believe that a leader is someone who puts forth their best efforts every time, and I believe that a leader is one who is able to be one hundred and then percent, even when one is only required to be one hundred percent. Leaders are often “over achievers,” and do the most that they can the absolute best that they can. By being an example for others, having a positive attitude, and by representing good qualities for others to follow is my definition of being a leader. To show my leadership, I will always offer more than my one hundred percent. I will commit to showing up to what I say I will go to. I will always try or attempt whatever I set my mind to, and if I fail, I will persevere and try again until I succeed. I will work very hard, offer all my ideas, and set a good example for my peers. I will volunteer to help out with whatever I can do, and even if a certain task seems to be hard, I will step up to the plate and try to accomplish the task. Another way I will show leadership is that I will offer to take hold responsibilities such as planning the student activities and being in charge of events. I will put in my best efforts and do all of the above to the best of my abilities, because that’s what displaying leadership means to
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