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What Leaders Really Do Essay

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Article Summary
‘What Leaders Really Do’ by John P. Kotter

In the above article written by John P.Kotter   in 1990 enlighten us on how leadership is different than management and what leaders really do the key Idea what leaders really do is prepare organizations for change and help them cope as they struggle though it. It’s the manager’s job to promote stability, and only organizations that embrace both sides of the equation can succeed in tough times.
Management and leadership both involve deciding what needs to be done, creating networks of people to accomplish the agenda, and ensuring that the work actually gets done. Their work is complementary, but each system of action goes about the tasks in different ways.
The most important truth about leadership is that it’s just a matter of charisma and vision—you either have it or you don’t. The fact of the matter is that leadership skills are not innate. They can be acquired but first you have to appreciate how they differ from management skills.
Management is about coping with complexity; it brings order and predictability to a situation. But that’s no longer enough—to succeed, companies must be able to adapt to change. Leadership, then, is about learning how to cope with rapid change.
Management involves planning and budgeting and setting targets for future and   Leadership involves setting direction and developing a vision of the future . Management involves organizing and staffing that is making and organizational structure to achieve the target here leadership involves aligning people who understand the vision of the company and are committed to its achievement of people. Management provides control and solves problems by means of reports,meetings and other tools which helps to identify the problem and then plan properly to solve it ,Leadership provides motivation and inspiration it keeps people moving in the right direction and inspires them to work hard and achieve success.
Leadership and management are...

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