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What Kind of Learner Am I Essay

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  • on December 4, 2013
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Academic Writing 0100
26 March 11
Mohamed Ellaboudi Nasir
What Kind of Learner am I
Miss Faiza Umar

What Kind of Learner am I?

          In this essay I will talk about Kolb’s learning styles and which ones relate to me. I will clarify why I am an independent learner, followed by an analysis of my own learning styles. Moreover, I will explain why I am a visual and a kinaesthetic learner according to the VAK model along with supporting evidence from past experience.
        To start with, the two aspects of Kolb’s Learning Styles that apply to me are an accommodator and a diverger, (Pain and Whittaker, 2000). Being an accommodator as defined by Kolb means that I learn better through experiencing different situations and learning from my mistakes, whereas, being a diverger means that I learn best by doing things and then think about what I did and where I went wrong, (Pain and Whittaker, 2000). For example, during my Maths and Physics courses in high school I learnt the mathematical rules through application and problem solving. I also learnt from the mistakes what should and should not be done and this has helped me to grow to be a better learner.
        Being enrolled in university has changed me from a dependent to an independent learner. This is due to the several skills I developed which helped me become an independent learner. In the past, I used to depend on the teacher in school and private tutors at home by helping me in my studies and preparing me for my exams. Nowadays, I am able to manage my studies through setting a timetable, which I believe has helped me improve my time management skills. An example is managing my time effectively to get to university on time, since I live far away. Furthermore, I have realised that I am a good communicator since making new friends and socialising with others was not a problem to me when I was a new student. Additionally, I do not hesitate to ask questions if I am in doubt....

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