What Keeps You in Your Room? Essay

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James Sun Instructor: Dr. Leanne Serbulo UNST 220 Understanding Communities 30 October 2013 What Keeps You in? (MLA) King Albert, a historic building faces east along the southern edge of the Montgomery Building, offers 63 unfurnished units for Portland State University students. All the rooms are equipped with kitchens, heating systems, and bathrooms, and they are all single studio. It was built in 1931 and acquired by PSU (Portland State University) in 1969. Amenities include Safeway supermarket, café shop, and Portland Street Car. Students who are in freshman and sophomore standards are eligible to live in this building, which means that this is a 21 and above building. Residents strictly follow the protocol that is conducted by University Housing office, which is basically telling you what you can and cannot do in the university housing units including such as smoking prohibition and pet policy. I have been living in this building since the beginning of this term – 2013 Fall. I lived in different locations on campus – Bluemel and Ondine before I moved into this building. I have to admit that even though I have lived on campus since my freshman year, and I would consider that every single building has its own identity and spirit, and each them forms its own community. I have to say that it is interesting to put myself into vary environments to feel what the differences are. Meanwhile, I was so surprised to see all the differences from one place to another. Moving from one location to another is always considered as a beginning of journey. You will get to know new neighbors, new locations, and new environments. In the my first week of observation and a chat with my building resident assistant, I found out that there are 28 male residents and 36 female residents living in our building. Every single of unit in the building is taken in this term – 2013 Fall.

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