What Justice Means to Me Essay

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Running Head: WHAT JUSTICE MEANS TO ME What Justice Means to Me Pamela S. Notter University of Phoenix CJA 303 – Foundations of Criminal Justice Mike Rodrigue April 20, 2009 Introduction I have been asked to write a paper on what justice means to me. As I ponder this question I find my mind has gone astray in many directions trying to define what justice means to me. I find this difficult for there are many definitions which define justice. In this paper, I will define by definition three different forms of justice. I will demonstrate how “justice” is not applicable to all. I will also define what justice means to me and how in my intended occupation as a Criminal Justice professional how I will strive to ensure my definition of “justice” is served. Definitions By definition there are three forms of justice. The first is “justice”, the second is “social justice” and the third is “civil justice.” Justice By definition, “justice” is defined by the Webster’s New World Dictionary as: the quality of being righteous, rectitude, impartially, fairness; the quality of being right or correct, sound reason, rightfulness, validity, reward of penalty as deserved; just deserts (Neufeldt, 1991, p 724). Social Justice Social justice is difficult to implement more less define. Schmalleger states, “Social Justice is a concept that embraces all aspects of civilized life” (Schmalleger, 2007, p 14.) Although Schmalleger best described social justice every individual has their own definition to what social justice entails. I view social justice as the prevention of human abuse, equal rights, equal opportunity and equal justice. Social justice comes into play by ethical and moral standards and cultural beliefs. Civil Justice I believe social justice and civil justice are synonymous. Civil justice is moral and socially defined terms

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